Monday, March 20, 2006

Just a short entry to say...I hate swimsuit shopping.
And that i got my friend hooked on aol radio...its kinda funny ''oh i like this one..this band is cool....oh that sucks...''
::evil laugh::....i turn Alaina into an emo freak, and get Aaron hooked on aol radio...i'm such a good influence.
OH!!!! Before i go, go watch this video...i LOVE LOVE LOVE it....its one of the best videos ever, and how awesome is it that Fall Out Boy was the band that made it?! I love the beginning ''Well next time you be the bait!'' And they show a lot of Patrick..woohoo!!. And lots of vampires....ok ...i'll stop now can go see it for yourself

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shdwpuppet425 said...


liar liar really tight emo pants on fire

you said u were gonna put my pic in the next entry
so pffffffffffffffffffffft

Emo pride!!!

member of the
the people who want to put fruit tree hugging society of people who love kiwis pineapples and other fruits (fthsopwlkpaof) on a t shirt

first the neighborhood then the world