Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Muffin Man


I have the muffin man stuck in my head...for the past week ''Do You Know the Muffin Man??'' and let me tell you...its starting to get annoying.
Darn the muffin man!
Poor Stick Man...
Oh I FINALLY got my Best Days Behind cd! Woohoo!!!! And they sent me free stickers to. Now I can say before they were really big they sent me free stickers. ha ha...Anyways the cd is really good, I still haven't found the myspace link but that's cause I'm to lazy to look for it. You know I really have mixed feelings about Coheed and second I'm like yeah they are cool...the next they are annoying...I'm sure you really don't care though do you. I wanna know whats up with the new Hawthorne Heights video...has anyone seen it? It looks like the lead singer has to go to the bathroom or something. I mean...I love em and all...but I really don't get the video.
Ummmmmmm. OH! We went to the strawberry festival, which was really cool...they took away most of the animals this year though. And I was really disappointed in the amount of goth/punk/skaters guys there. Where have they all gone??? I went on a bunch of rides though...I went on one 3 times...after the second time the guy running the ride just started laughing at me. And then on one ride this guy was sitting next to me trying to be all tough....then the ride started....yeah lets just say he wasn't very ''manly'' ha ha. It really wasn't that scary.
I finally got to go to the book store...yay! I got a bunch of books by one of my new favorite authors Tamora Pierce. I've already finished 3 of them and I'm working on the 4th ...I got 6 all together....she has over 20 books, that's what it said in the back of the book so that's cool. I've read pretty much all the books by Meg Cabot except for like 2.
Well ok now that I'm sure you all are half asleep (see...I knew there was a reason you read my journal!) I'm gonna go and try and sleep myself (because I am not lucky enough to know someone boring enough to put me to sleep)


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hey, there.  I just seen that you had a journal link in your graphic journal.  Thought I would pop in and check you out.  You are quite funny and witty. My son loves skate boarding as well.  He is 11 and into some of your music that you talk about.  Hope you enjoy spring break.  Takecare.  TerryAnn.  

shdwpuppet425 said...

Yay im not boring. i have mixed feelings about coheed and combria 2. and that video isd not new its been on fuse for 2 months. and he doesnt have to go hes just humping his guitar cuz he misswes ghis girl freind who he used to play doctor with. thats my phobia except geese. i wanna go to the strawberry festeval but it hasnt happened yet and then i wanna complain about there being no emo girls. yay book store i wanna go to one but i cant drive and no one will take me. ::cries:: maybe ill be boring today