Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You know....In my family, we like to gossip. Its what we do ''oh did you hear so and so went and did this and that this person is mad at this person'' blah blah blah. And i love it, makes our family seem more normal i guess.
I get a joy out of ''scaring the family''....Most of my cousins are all preppy and stuff, except for Diego, i think hes the only one who isnt preppy. But he is pretty normal. So i like to be the one who dresses differently, who dyes her hair, basically the ''not normal one''. And i was doing so well!!!! I'm even pretty sure some of the family thought i was a satan worshiper (no i'm just kidding!!!). Well. I am no longer the crazy one. Sadly, i've lost my title.
Thanks Krissy. Thanks a lot.
MY Cousin. Went...and got...Her belly button pierced. (and we are both the same age, just a few months apart)
Now. HOW am i going to top THAT?! I cant. I may as well go and find some sweater sets and accept the fact that now, I'm the good girl. Oh sure i could get a tattoo but not till i'm 18 and its legal, and really that's not even that cool, i mean its legal, so its not as ''bad girl''. Theres nothing i can do. I've lost my title. ::sigh:: Well it was nice while it lasted.
I've got a new favorite movie....Stand And Deliver. That movie rocks....I think if they had only made more movies like that instead of the "Not Another Teen Movie" this world would be a better place. I love Angel, he was funny. I'd be his friend. Him and Pancho.... i love Panchos laugh, thats the type of laugh where you laugh, even though you have no freakin clue what hes laughing at. Plus i thought he was cute. Hes old by now cause the movie was made in like 80's or 90's or something like that i think....But Pancho then was cute. I'm gonna see if i can get the movie...I rented it so i'm gonna go watch it right now since i've got nothing betterto do



amy122389 said...

ok, maybe you think you lost your title, but your kind of freaky, people can see...LOL


queeniemart said...

Trust me, its cool to be different. If everyone was the same, what a boring vanilla world we would live in!

lisbnjvi said...

Shhhh, I am snooping in your journal.  Your Mom left the link, so it's HER fault!  LOL!  I think a nice nose piercing would look AWESOME on you, so how about that?!  I am getting one for my 40th birthday.  I am the FREAK in my family.  It never changes even in my old age.  By the way, LOVE your hair color and I think you are GORGEOUS and that is coming from a Mom of a 14 year old soon to be 15 year old who has had hair of every color, including purple.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SIXTEEN!
Ask your Momma who I am if you don't know  ;)