Thursday, May 25, 2006

Letters and Panic....

The current thing on my mind?
Why do bands have to have weird names all the time? Like Letter Kills, one of my new favorites.....but really....Letter Kills? (mom asked ''which letter?'' har dee har har mom. Though I bet it was that letter Z that people only use in last names....) Maybe there is a good reason for the name though....I don't really know anything about the band.
^Letter Kills
Panic! At the disco....See that's a good name.
They got rid of one of the band members though (or he left...I dont remember) all I have to say? The new guy better have good hair other wise he is gonna kill the whole image of the band. And then the world will come to an end....and why? All because the new guy didn't have good hair. Can you handle that new guy? Well, I still love them. Even if they did end the world. I mean come on, Its Brendon.


queeniemart said...

Somewhere on the Internet is a webpage dedicated to where bands got their names. Me being old, i like rock bands from the 60's -80's and there are some humdinger names that dont make any sense. I often think they get stoned and pull a name out of a hat. lol

my78novata said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN a little AMY (umm I mean birdie ) told me you had one!!!!!!! Dont drive (when you get your permit) your mom  nuts I mean