Friday, June 2, 2006

Lots of pictures

I'm 16!!! Woohoo!!! Mom says I can start taking Drivers Ed. when we move...And that i can date but she has to do a background check and he has to survive a day of paintball with dad (She said i could date a guy like Angel from stand and deliver....i admit...i have a crush on him... but only if he gave her and dad tons of compliments and survived paintball and all that...i can see it now "Good aim sir! You got me right in the forehead that time!") I'm hoping she was joking...
Anyway my birthday was awesome, We went out to dinner and then came homes for cake and presents (I got a video camera! And 2 really pretty necklaces) and then watched Ghost Hunters lol. And my family remembered!!! Well Abuelito anyway...They (Abuelita and Abuelito) had gone to Indiana for my cousins 15th (normally we do 15ths not 16ths)..our birthdays are like 10 days apart..  and I didn't think they would remember, but they sent me a card (with $40, woohoo!) and called....while still in Indiana cause my other cousin is graduating on Friday.. It was so cute, they had the entire family singing Happy Birthday to me over the phone and you could hear my aunt in the back "we love you honey!!!" and everyone all "yaaay" (they always do that after they sing the b-day song...) And Anzaya sent me an e-mail & a card lol. And My Aunt Diana sent an e-card. So yeah...everyone (well a decent amount anyway) remembered so that was nice.
The Past week has been pretty busy...On Sunday we went to MOSI ....a Museum that was kinda boring...they had a couple cool things but it wasn't that great. Though i did see a guy that looked an awful lot like Tyson....
Then Monday the Florida Aquarium which is one of my favorite places... (no cute guys there though) And then went out to eat....Yeah Long Story there....I'll make that my next entry though.
Then Adventure Island (a water park) on Tuesday...I saw a guy that looked like Brendon! I have pictures of everywhere except the water park so i'll add them...
And tomorrow or Friday i have to finish packing because i leave for England on Saturday morning!! (yes....i gotta wakeup EARLY! ::dramatic music plays::)
(sorry for the crappy spelling! I'm to lazy to fix it today!! Packing takes alot out of you!!!)

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