Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pictures coming soon

Shes baaaaaaack!
Miss me?
Well, I'm 16 and now a woman of Travel! hee hee...I had a blast and my trip was totally what I hoped for. I'm happy to be home though I missed everyone (even my brothers) Especially my Gordo..who is currently sleeping right next to me. And mom...i had no one to help me figure out what to wear, and dad really knows nothing about being punk so he was no help in that department. He did try though lol. And Paco and Cha-Cha...i think she was mad at me for leaving because yesterday (the day I got back) she wouldn't let me pet her. And Bella really didn't care that I was back. Shows how much she loves me, huh? lol
I'll make a few different entries with pictures (I took on a average around 50-80 pictures a day..) Because to talk about my trip in one whole entry would take forever and probably start to hurt my fingers.
Lets see, well this entry will be about the people I was with I guess, first off my dad had his 2 week UTA in Alconbury England, a few other guys in the group brought their wives, So that's basically who I hung out with, Everyone was really nice...ok almost everyone but I'll get to that later...and they were all fairly impressed with me, they were surprised I liked to read. And that I was smart ( i look dumb? ::sigh:: or maybe its cause I'm homeschooled...hee hee.)
The people I was with the most though were Orlando and Ali they were awesome! Ali was really nice she reminded me some of mom so we got along real well (she even had a bad knee, weird huh?) and then Orlando, hes funny he has that humor where he can keep a total straight face when he is joking so you're not sure if he is serious or if he is joking she you're all ''uh....ha..ha..?" Not sure if you should laugh or not, its funny. But then he will smile so you can tell he is joking.
Then Jim and Linda...i didn't really like Jim, he has like NO sense of humor. At all. And Linda was nice, she reminded me a little of one of my aunts but I haven't figured out what it is. I dunno...not much to say about them I guess. They were nice but I couldn't see myself being buddy buddy with them.
AND THEN....Carlos and Debbie...yeah...Well Carlos was great. Real nice, funny, he had a flirty personality, he was just everyones friend, its hard not to like him. And then you meet his wife. And you go... (and excuse me to anybody who has a heart attack after i say it)
"What the fuck happened there."
Seriously. That know it takes a lot to get on my bad side...I'm always giving people 5th chances and I can get along with pretty much everyone. I may not be best friends with you but I like everyone. I did NOT like Debbie. She is a school teacher...And the second she found out I was homeschooled she was on me "Well what do you learn, how do you do this" I mean if only you could have seen her face when she found out, I thought her eyes were gonna pop out. I told her I was unschooled (cause I had already told Ali, this was the first day I met them all and I didn't wanna get caught with a bunch of lies if I have to be with them for 2 weeks) and it seemed hard for her to understand the fact that some kids actually have the want to learn. I don't mind when people ask me questions, I mean its a given you are gonna get those when you are homeschooled. But she was mean about it, and that is uncalled for... the questions weren't mean...just the way that she asked them. She asked me how I learn and I said that "I basically teach myself I mean my parents are there if I need help but for the most part its me, I learn things that can hold my interest for more that 5 minutes, I mean obviously I do the really important things like math, but I do it at my own pace, not 5 worksheets a day type thing". And then she asked if I had a set time to get my work done, if I had a specific room, like a school room in my house where I worked. I say nope, I do my work when I feel like it, and I work wherever I want. She seemed to have a hard time processing this. The she was all "well how do you teach yourself math" And I said that I normally had my parents help me with my math. So it went on like that for a while. THEN she kept quizzing me "Here is a science lesson for you! What does this word mean?" and I'm like what the hell? back off. And she kept doing it, and one time she said something like ''we'll be your teacher for the day" and then she asked me something and i said "I don't need a teacher, i'm on summer vacation" And that shut her up. For about an hour. I could go on. But then you don't have the time, nor do I have the energy.But don't worry, there will be more Debbie stories, you can bet on that. So those were the people I was with for 2 weeks. Like I said, most were wasn't.
I'll tell you about my fist day there laters....I need to go take something for my head. I got sick on the day we came home, is that perfect timing or what?  


shdwpuppet425 said...

sad:( sick  on the first day we can talk for a month......
i also was with a horrible person or 3 (see my journal)....m keybord broke so ill explain how I be typing when we talk...ill kill you if you blockyourself from me ... i miss you that much...wait... id miss you more death for you...... pweease sighn on soon...ive had a really crappy summer
love ya

lisbnjvi said...

Welcome back!  Your Momma missed you!  That "school teacher" is a real charmer huh?  Guess she is just like the medical field that believes in NOTHING holistic and puts it down whenever they can.  Glad you had a good time though despite this jerk!
Hugs and love,