Monday, July 3, 2006


The next place we went was Cambridge to have dinner, SO pretty. And apparently, it being a college place, this was where all of the very cute boys with accents were.


We ended up eating at some Italian place...i think that's what it was. And the waiter had a non English accent so we were all trying to figure out where he was from, when we asked he said we had to guess so everyone is throwing out their guesses, and after like 10 minutes we finally got it, He's from Turkey. And so were were all well guess where we are from, but its kinda obvious we are from the states, so since everyone there was Hispanic, well almost everyone, we had him guess which country...He finally got me and dad, Mexico and it was funny he was all "Hola!" and shook dads hand and then he shook my hand and called me Chica and then was all "Or no, Mi Amor" everyone was all "hey now! that's his daughter!" and i was all "woohoo!" well not out loud or anything. Now that i look back though he really wasn't that cute. Oh well. Then we got lost on the way home. We got lost a lot during the trip, but some of the best sight seeing is done while lost, did you know that? lol...


amy122389 said...

geez, Ryan, you should've had Dad take pictures of the cute boys.  He was taking pictures of


doclove64 said...

Cool pictures. Sounds like you had a fun trip.