Friday, July 7, 2006


York was about 3 hrs from where we were, the drive was fun, the country is sooooo beautiful. Have I said its pretty over there? Ok, just checking. And then when we got there it was so cool, it seemed small! I don't know though cause we were only there for a little while but we went to the York Dungeon (there were pictures but they are all kinda gory) which was fun, They started picking on me!! What it is is like a bunch of ree and stuff of the not so pretty things of the past. And the actors kept getting in my face and stuff (one guy more than the rest...hee least he was cute right?!) and then....i was found out....

We went into a court room, and...i was called to the stand

what for?

Go on....ask

Well since you asked.

Apparently I was seen dancing naked in a park chanting spells to get men to come to me. But I was a bad witch, because I got no men. Alright who told on me?!

But in the end, she found me guilty, and I had 3 choices. I could plead guilty, and be burned at the stake. Very guilty, be tortured and then burned. Or Insane and get off free.

Me: uh...Insane

Judge: Right, then I'll need to you dance around the room naked to prove you truly are insane.

Me: Guilty.


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