Friday, July 7, 2006

Warwick and a church

Warwick castle was my first real castle, and it was so. freakin. cool. I LOVED it! Its so cool, to think of like how old it is and what its seen. We went through the whole castle and then did the Ghost Walk....Yeah I will admit, that almost the whole thing wasn't that scary, but at the end, a lady jumped out from a door, and I wasnt expecting it because, ya know, it was the end. And I couldnt breathe. well I could but it scared the crap out of me. Everyone seemed to think it was funny. Yeah Yeah...laugh it up people, you'll get yours!! And then went to the gardens they have there, my favorite was the rose garden.

OH and then before we went back to the base, there was a church we went to go see St. Mary's Church, and they had a graveyard and it was sooooooo cool all the gaves were from like the 1800s...none were later than that. And then I took a picture next to one, and when I got up to say sorry (I felt bad! I wouldnt want some freak sitting on top of my grave!) I looked at the name (well you cant say sorry and not know the name) and the name was Elizabeth, (my middle name) how freaky is that?!


amy122389 said...

OK, if you live in a castle, you better have an elevator installed, because my broken ass is not walking up those staris every time I come to visit...LOL


amy122389 said...

WTH....staris?  or stairs?  Yeah....whatever...