Wednesday, August 9, 2006

HI! HI! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone heard the new song from Evanescence??? I dunno that I like it...I sorta do but I sorta don't. The video is cool though. I wonder where they filmed it. And was that guy hot, or was he hot? Yes, he was Hot. I wonder who he was....
Anyways....I don't have anything to say but its been a while so I thought I would make an entry.
I'm gonna start packing up my room, most of it is just decoration so I can live without it. I want to mooooove!!! Alaina and Jenn are crossing off the days till I get there they say.
I want a brownie. Does anyone have a brownie?? Alright. I think....I just might...either go pack....or....go and get the stuff I got Anzaya ready to send off.
You know what I notice? I tend to put in a lot of graphics to make up for entries that suck.


doclove64 said...

Hello!! I hope your week is going good. I have some nice brownies and ice cold milk in the  I will share   Have a good night. Take Care!  Alvia

amy122389 said...

good lord, child, have you been hitting the happy weed?!  ROFL  Go pack up your room WHILE you're eating a brownie.  Oh...and get me one too.  

love you!

brainwhispers said...

In England a brownie is the name given to a little girl involved in after school activities in a club. Boys are called cubs. When the get older they are called scouts and guides.
this isnt really the point though
Why are you eating a small girl and why does your mum <----yes "mum" not "mom" --- cant you americans spell??? ::hee hee::...erm...where was i? oh and your mum are cannibals! eek!
i knew there was something odd about you two. i thought it was just a DNA thing but now i think maybe its to much eating of the humans that youve been doing.