Saturday, November 25, 2006

Silver Dollar Roof Sealant.

You can ask anyone in my family. I am the biggest spaz/klutz/dork ever.
I drop things, I mess up a lot of stuff, I trip a lot..half the time over my own self. And I'm very silly.
This time, It was SO not my fault.
I should start from the beginning I guess.You know, mostly cause that's a good place to start. Its one of those things where, had it happened to anyone else you wouldn't be able to stop laughing (and alright I was laughing at myself..) Although it gets kinda boring. A couple days ago, We were finishing up painting the roof. I did the roof above the porch, and dad said he would do the shed. We had to paint it with this stuff..Silver Dollar..its a Roof Sealant. And obviously, Very silver. So I'm done with the roof, and I hand the bucket of stuff over to dad, and he starts painting the roof of the shed. And I ask if there's anything else that needs to be done, Dad says yes, to start sanding the shed. So he finishes, and I'm still sanding, he goes over to the front yard.. Now when I work, I never pay attention to my surroundings..I get the hang of what I'm doing, and then my concentration goes to what I'm working on and what ever music I'm playing..Well there's me "ladedadeda" and all of the sudden..I feel something the top of my head. First thought is its a leaf..But no its to heavy to be I touch my hair..Its wet. "EWWWW Bird poop"...But there are no birds. Yeah wasn't that either. Turns out, Dad went a little heavy with the roof sealant. And I didn't notice that it was dripping.
So I run into the house and stick my head into the shower hoping that just rinsing my hair will get it out..No luck. I've got a huge silver chunk of hair. So I go over into the front yard, and dad see's me and starts cracking up. Then he says to use some type of soap that works pretty good on like grease and stuff like that.. I go inside and do that...doesn't work. I go back outside and dad is still laughing at me and he's all "are you sure you scrubbed it in?". Silly Dad! I looked at the bottle and thought my hair would become magically clean!! heehee..So he says "Alright come on then" and we go outside and he comes over with the water hose and the soap, and tries to wash the sealant out. Didn't work (TOLD HIM!). And he says wait a minute and goes on to the porch. And comes back with some sort of liquid and a scrub brush. Yes. A scrub brush. "Dad...What is that?" He dips the brush in the liquid and starts to scrub my hair then says "Paint thinner" Yeah. There I am, in the middle of the yard, scrubbing my hair with paint thinner. And I feel I should add. It was around 50 outside...not the warmest weather. And I'm worried cause I think the paint thinner is gonna make my hair fall out or something lol. However it DID get the job done (my dad was all "well you said you wanted more streaks didn't you? hahaha") and none of my hair fell out so woo! And the smell of paint thinner finally came out..I think.


amy122389 said...

Uh.  Ryan?  That weird smell didn't come out.  You just got used to it.  :-X



brainwhispers said...

Wouldnt it have been better just to paint your entire head silver and pretend you are a cyborg!

Hee hee hee.

Paint thinner stinks!
If your mom keeps sniffing your head watch out. She getting high!

lisbnjvi said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!  This would only happen to YOU!!!!  I would have paid to see you getting your hair washed by your father in the front yard!  Glad it came out though!  Hopefully there won't be any big chunks of hair on your pillow tomorrow morning now!
Hugs and love,