Saturday, December 9, 2006


I figure I'll make an entry now while I got some time to spare!
Guess where *I* was at 1 in the morning last Monday?
This time it was my fault.
Stupid safety glasses.
YES! I am aware that I should have worn them!
But I hate them!!
And now I cant do anything without them other wise I've got one of my parents saying "where's your glasses?!"
I was cutting the grass and I got something in my eye I guess..But I always do so I never worry about it. And then I went with my dad to home depot around 5 and my eye started to bother me. I ask my dad if he can see if there is anything there...So we are in the middle of home depot and my dad is inspecting my eyeball.
At least this time there were no cute guys.
Anyway he said he couldn't find anything so I just blew it off. And then around 11 it started to REALLY bother me. So I ask my mom..And she couldn't see anything..But dad says he will look again. Sure enough..Dad found something. Whatever it was, was actually stuck in my eyeball (yeah...gross.) And scratching up my eyelid. So my dad is there trying to get it with a Q-tip...Only I couldn't stay still and it was in there kinda good (Dad "Honey! You need to look at me!"  ME "WELL DAD! When there is a Q-tip coming at your eyeball you tend to wanna look away!!") We tried to get it out for a good 15/20 minutes before dad said that we had to go to the ER.
Well. Ok. At least I brushed my hair today instead of throwing it in a messy bun.
Then asked mom if I should bring a book. Then realized it would look kinda stupid if I'm there for eye issues and reading...
At this point I was a little tired.
And you should know, that when I get tired.
I get really weird. (Sometimes its either that or crabby.)
My dad signs me in...And they ask What the problem is. But my dad has bad hand writing So I just like glanced at what he was writing and at first look it read "Friggen object in eye"
I burst out laughing and I was trying hard to be quiet..I told Dad and there is both of us cracking up in the ER. Anyways..We finally get seen and the nurse didn't believe me!!
She was all "Oh but its not even red! I dont see anything!" Dad says "its in there pretty good, right around there" And she says "You actually found something?"
I'm thinking "No. I'm lying. I just came to the ER at one in the fricken morning to see how things work!"
But she got everything set up and the doctor came in, got it out (she was much nicer and actually believed me) and as she was leaving you could hear the nurse "there was something in her eye?"
Everyone kept saying "Woohoo! You found a way to get out of work!"
HAHA!! Not here! I still got one working eye!! ::giggle::
There have been various injuries since then but to many to name. Its always me!!
This is probably the last entry you'll see from me in a while. Its been CRAZY here and I don't have time for anything anymore. Which is ok I guess cause things are getting done :)
Alright..I gotta go tell people I'm gonna be gone, so later dudes!

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dancinganzaya said...

aww my poor cousin!!!! So i heard you are moving to texas like igt now so thats really cool I wish I was there with you!!! aww=) luv yas!!!