Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guess WHAT!

I'm still alive!
And I have a ton to say but not the time (and my fingers would hurt if I tried to type it all)...I'm in TEXAS!!! WOO!!!! It ROCKS ...the boys are waaaaay better looking ( offence to the Florida boys, you were cute, but the whole wannabe gangsta thing just didn't work for me...) and the weather rocks (It was 80 in FL and 30 here. HEE!!!!) Really I don't know where to I guess I'll journal like I always do (only maybe it wont be so boring anymore...)
Dads on his two week UTA (some how he managed to do it again...just "happen" to be gone while all the women in the house are PMSing. It was hell times two. I think its over can never be sure) but comes back saturday! Mom really misses him, it hasn't been much fun for her this time. We are living with my nana right now (moms mom) till we find a house, and dad gets a job. Its kind of a mixed feeling thing, living with my nana, but I wont go into that.
On a completely not related to anything topic, I think Rachael Ray is trying to take over the world, and that scares me. Imagine..People walking around saying Yum-o and laughing at their own jokes when their own jokes aren't funny. Think about it...She's got two shows on Food Network, a Talk Show, a magazine, and she was on a cracker box, and scandal with that whole 'her husbands cheating on her' deal. WHATS NEXT PEOPLE?! OH GOD! Can you imagine her and Martha Stewart teaming up? I think I might have nightmares now.
Well I'm gonna go. I need chocolate...I feel hyper. I think its odd that chocolate makes me not hyper. I'm a freak. Just like coffee makes me sleepy. I don't like coffee..Which is also odd considering how just about everyone in my family is a coffee addict.


brainwhispers said...

Until your mum mentioned her, I had no idea who she was.
So you and your mum are telling the whole world about Rachel Ray.
Both of you are Rachel Rays evil minions.
You are a bad bad person Ryan.
You should both be ashamed!

dancinganzaya said...

Aww I Am soo happy 4 u GUyS!!! I wish I was there wit u guys I miss u all!!! Luv YOU!!!=)