Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Crazy Craft Lady!!!

I am sooo not one of Rachael Rays evil minions!!
I was just trying to Warn all the over seas people...You just wait till she hits your TV's and grocery stores. You'll all be rocking back and forth in the corner (As I have often wondered about doing) So I thought That I'd give warning, DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!
Now that I've said my peace.
Why are craft stores so expensive?  At least the ones I know of are. And the people are always so snobby. Its crafts. What is there to be snobby about? We went today..the lady the worked there looked like she wanted to hurt me. Its not MY fault you work there. She was probably 20 and angry goth (before some goth person tries to yell at me..Not ALL goths are crabby anti-social people.) and so gave me a look that looked like it had some obscene words in it. So of course, be being the bright sun-shiney person I am... I gave her a huge smile and then turned around so she wouldn't see me laughing after she gave me the "Eat <something I'm not sure I can say on AOL> and die" look. heehee.... 

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brainwhispers said...

Evil minions always deny being evil minions. Its all part of the "Evil minion book of conduct"

I doubt we'll get Rachel Ray over here, we have lots of celebrity chefs already.
Jamie Oliver - Chubby faced lad who's toungue is too big for his mouth!!
Gordon Ramsey - Cant string 5 words together without swearing.
and about 20 others.
Cooking sucks. Eat Salad, buy a pizza. Thats all you need to eat :o)

All things in craft stores are made by "mentals" They take things to the local loony asylums and get them to make stuff. Like a normal little trinket box...but with sea shells stuck to the outside, or a vase...with sea shells stuck to the outside, or a clock....covered in sea shells, or something made out of whicker, like a chair, because whicker chairs are soo sooo comfy. Doesnt leave a mesh pattern on your butt cheeks or anything like that does it!!. Next time you go to a craft shop, pay with money covered in sea shells. Lets see how they like it!

Oh and if you dont have craft stores selling sea shell covered "tat" in the States then count yourself very lucky!