Friday, February 23, 2007

Boredom *hearts* me. So I take pictures.

The Name - April. AKA - Bibi.

The breed- I'm not sure.

The problem- She's to furry for her own good.

The solution- Well to shave her of course.


The Before-


The After-



Now she's not as furry but a little more scary. She has some eye problems, and she has a tiny head and short little legs and a big round tummy so you just cant help but laugh a little when you see her. She's just as feisty, more so now that she's 5 pounds lighter.


(Note: these pictures do her no justice, but I'm a crappy photographer, so oh well.)


brainwhispers said...

Its a muppet!

Keep it away from my Sea monkeys.
My Sea monkeys eat muppets for breakfast.
For lunch they have fraggles.


jenny264 said...

Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like my journal! You'll definitely have to make a trip to Ireland sometime, it's lots of fun! :) and esp if you want to live there.  I used to say I wanted to move there all the time (starting when I was about 16 too) and my mom always used to say that she wouldn't take me seriously until I spent some time there and put up with the rain! Like all places there are good things and bad things about it but for me the good outweighs the bad.  Anyway, I hope everything I write in my journal will help you as well! Your dog is adorable by the way!