Monday, March 19, 2007

A sad day.

It is a sad, sad day.
Today, the unthinkable has happened.
It started as any other day. I woke up, washed my hair, brushed it out, and as I was putting it up in a pony tail, I noticed....
I had a gray hair.
Not a little one either. This one was long, and thick!!!
This is what stress does to you. It gives you gray hair.
I don't like stress.
But once you get past that, its been pretty boring here. I haven't done much..Went to some random church rap concert thing. I kinda hate rap. And I'm not a religious person. But Krissy said there would be some good looking guys (I was robbed. I saw none and they were all short!! Though this is San Antonio...I suppose I should get used to that heehee) So I sat there and sent a text message to my mom. The guy that was talking kinda seemed like he was on drugs....It made me laugh.
Text messages piss me off. They take FOREVER to make.
Krissy said the next time they had a rock band she'd take me cause they scream so much you can't even really tell its Christian. Cool.
I had to make dinner. It kept me from being bored for about an hour or two. However long it took me to make. I like to cook. But I wanna cook something new..THATS what I'll do.
Yesss...I'm not bored now!!
Clearly you've been missing SO much!!


butterflies4me04 said...

Hi I found your journal a while back and my alerts got messed up so i am back again!

I am sorry to hear about your gray hair ... I found my first gray hair on my 21st b-day, and let me tell you I started crying! I was so upset! My 21st was nothing to be all giddy about! I hope that made you feel a little better even though it's not the same as your situation!


brainwhispers said...

I dont have gray hair.
Mine is silver...because I'm worth it

jenny264 said...

Hey Ryan, funny that you mention finding a gray hair cause I'm 25 and I've been finding a few lately and it's scaring the crap out of me!! I found my first grey hair a few years ago like you and I feel for you, I know what it's like.  Just start saving your money up for highlights!!