Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stomach Flu or something.

Currently, My parents and little brother have either stomach flu or food poisoning. It started last night I guess..First adrian barfed and then next thing you know moms got stomach issues also, They spent the whole night barfing, poor adrian could barely clean himself, and he kept telling me he couldn't stand because it hurt, I had to take care of him (Have I ever told you, I am the worst when it comes to cleaning up puke? Yeah...I am.), Because Dad was taking care of mom, who was so bad she almost passed out..
I was up the whole night, Because when Adrian wasn't in the bathroom, he was in my bed crying cause it hurt (Poor baby, I didn't know what to do!). They finally clamed down a little around like 9 this morning..So I fell asleep, and then woke back up around 12 to my dad sick also.
I'm fine for now..Just some serious cramps (Its so my luck that on top of all that crap, I also get a visit from the Aunt I hate the most!) And I'm seriously hoping I dont catch whatever they have...But I'm sure I will. Right now they are all passed out, Dad on the couch and my mom and brother upstairs so I've been running around taking care of them...Did I already say I hate barf?
On the bright side Alex is being awesome. All I had to do was make him dinner, he's been upstairs playing video games all day. The dogs arent happy with me. Apparently I dont get the food in the bowls in a timely manner.
I've been busy...We made tamales Christmas Eve (SOOOOOOOO good. Way better than anything you'll ever buy in a store.) with our whole family helping, It was way fun. I love to make them, But everyone else complains that its to much work so I have to suck it up till Christmas. Oh and Everyone complimented Adrian & I on our gingerbread house..they asked where we bought it. When we said we made it my Aunt was all "nu-uh! That looks like something you would buy..Wow, you're talented!" I'm all "Yeah...I know" hahaha...Kidding of course. Then on Tuesday we bummed around and Went to my Nana's for dinner. Then I went to Sea World with Jennifer Wednesday. Some strange guy started talking to us..Then he found out she was in college and was all "sooo...come here often" heehee...
Thursday I helped babysit the best baby in the world, My little cousin Valencia. She's SUCH a joy..I love it when she smiles, She scrunches up her nose. So cute!! Then me & Krissy went to Six Flags, they only have half the park open..I think that's stupid but whatever, then she slept over..we watched tv all day the next day and ate food that's not healthy. Fuuuuun.
Which brings us to today. Hopefully I'll get some sleep...I'm not counting on it though. All I want is for the cramps to stay away. I'm reeeeeally hoping my family will be good by New Years...Not the way you wanna start a new year.  


amy122389 said...

hee...Valencia is so funny....

love you!!

~mom - who had more than just a little barfing.

topazscorpio27 said...

What a nice daughter you are.  I usually get pissed off, walk away and let the sickies fend for themselves.  Although usually I am one!  Glad everyone's all better now! -Dawn-