Saturday, December 22, 2007


A slight stomach ache and maybe two or three hours later...



Yes, Yes. We're SUCH dorks. But we have fun, so who cares?


If you'll notice, The "R" the initial for our last name, I thought It'd be cute to put it on the house...5 min. later Adrian says to me "RYAN! Wait!! You're not done!! You put the letter of YOUR name, Where's the "A" for me?!" 
heehee...Its cause *I'm* the favorite, duh!
Just a short entry to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (cause you know if I don't say it now I'll just forget.)
If you don't see me before the New Year then Happy New Years also!!! Pop lots of fire works and play with fire!! Drink (safely...and legally...I have to say that, my dad reads my journal too ;-p but seriously, Be Safe) and be happy.
Now, I need to get a box to put over the gingerbread house because Rosalita (our cat) is eyeing it and licking her lips.


brainwhispers said...

Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the clan.

amy122389 said...

i'm telling you we're going to wake up one of these mornings without a roof on the gingerbread house because the cat knocked it off and shared with the dogs.

you guys did an awesome job.  i can't believe you didn't make note of those cool icicles. ;-P

love you!