Thursday, December 20, 2007

The color blue!


So wanna here the coolest thing ever?

I....Dyed my hair blue.
It looks alright..It'd be cooler if the blue was brighter, but its still cool..Its like a blue green color.

Ok, ok...That wasn't the coolest thing ever.
I'm now the proud owner of a drivers permit.
So long as there is a legal guardian over the age of 21 in the passengers seat.
But still. WOO!!
I drove my mom around today...the baby store (No, they do not sell babies. ::giggle::) to get a Christmas present for Valencia..I got her this little pig that sings the piggy know "this little piggy went to the market"...I sat there laughing (Yes...I'm 17 and laughing at a toy meant for a 1 year old. I have no shame, And I know she'll love it.) mom just looked at me and shook her head. That baby is going to be SO spoiled. Then walmart for my dads Christmas presents. Mom was freaking out (I swear...ONE crazy turn, and the woman freaks out. ::giggle:: I'm kidding.) but I did alright. I didn't scream this time. And now I know the way to the mall taking the back roads (...I made a wrong turn). Not Like I'll be going...I still hate the mall. But I know where it is now. Well I did before. But I like the back roads better.
In a few months I plan on getting a job at the bookstore. They said that you had to be 18 "cause we sell the dir-....bad magazines"  But whatever..Its only a few months till then Anyways


amy122389 said...

I screamed a little inside when you took that turn at 30 mph.  LOL

No dir- uh..bad magazines for you!  Hottie man calendars, sure.  Hee...

love you!


frankandmary said...

I am sure blue hair never looked so good on anyone else. The Piggy song. I don't think I have heard The Piggy Song. Maybe you & Mom could do a YouTube ;-0. ~Mary

frankandmary said...

Ok, I have heard The Piggy Song, but not in a very long time since I am an old lady. ~Mary