Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

So... Halloween was fun!
I took my brothers, alaina & tyler, and the neighbors kid trick-or-treating.
I take full credit for everyone's makeup but Adrian's!!
The boys had a blast (adrians friend: "thanks for letting me go with you!!")
Alaina and Tyler were all "man..yall got the good candy!!"
And I got called a pretty pirate heehee..
Anyways, I'll give you a better entry later..theres talk of going to Mexico!! Awweeesssome!!!!


amy122389 said...

lol - 'no more damn bed times' know we fall asleep before you anyway..... ;-P

love you!!

frankandmary said...

What great pictures.  You have a lot of talent & you are a pretty pirate. ~Mary