Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh my gosh!!!
I'm alive!!!
Miss me? Bet you did...I would miss me.
So guess what? I dyed my hair...I started with a box of hair dye that looked like it would make my hair purple. Then it didn't. Nope...Hot Pink was what I got. That's one of those never say never things, because I said I'd never have pink hair. But its slowly fading so I don't know what color it is now..I think it still looks hot pink but other say its more red. I left some blonde (yes...I said blonde.) in though, it looks way cool.
I set up my room!! Its painted, and has almost all of my furniture. We're still figuring out if I'm getting a desk or not..and I need a bed set, Because A big Mexican flag blanket doesn't really go with that whole gothic/castles/fairies and such thing I was going for..
Today I dyed some stuff dark red...But just the red water looked SO cool. And slightly creepy. But still cool.
I don't know...I have nothing to talk about. I ordered some books off of they haven't come..I hate waiting for them. Mom said that someone was having trouble sending us mail so I hope that's not what happened. That would suck. A lot.
My dad came home early & sick said something about the flu and being dehydrated really bad. If its the flu that means everyone will be sick, We like to share at our house. Hopefully not!!
I miss Alaina & Krissy!!! I haven't been able to see Krissy cause she joined flags at school and they have her practicing all the time. She took me to a junior football game...the ones most people don't go to. It was funny, Her boyfriend wanted her to watch him play and she didn't wanna go alone so she asked if I'd come..We couldn't even find her boyfriend. We thought he was number 35 but we couldn't find a 35..then someone said he was 28, and we found 28 so she's all "my baby!!" and then we found out later on that night that it wasn't even him. I was laughing soooo hard. And Alaina..I have no clue what she's up to, She may or may not come over this weekend, it all depends on how mom and dad are feeling.


frankandmary said...

If your Mom gets sick, buy her some Milano cookies & some French spreadable cheese :-).
That will snap her right out of it!~Mary

fisherkristina said...

I'd love to see a photo of your hair!  I found your journal listed in somebody else's and thought I'd take a look.  Hi!

Krissy :)