Friday, March 7, 2008

Blaaaaah Blahhhh Blah.

I think Alaina is coming over tonight.
But I'm not really sure. I asked her on myspace, and god forbid she not write to whatever boy she's talking to RIGHT AWAY!!! So sometimes my messages get put aside till an hour later lol. But I think so.
She got a job at an ice cream place...within the next few weeks i plan to go in and mess with her ;-p
Gotta wait till her guard is down though, she knows our family well now and shes expecting it, and really, what fun is that?
She told me should couldn't give me free ice cream or she would get arrested.
I'm jealous, but I'm happy for her. I'm gonna apply for a job at the book store two weeks before I turn 18...the lady said that'd be the best time. (3 more months!! yay me!!!)
Yesterday, I babysat Valencia (...why do they call it babysitting? Its not like they ever just sit there. No. They run here, and there, and the expect you to take them up the stairs 25 times in a matter of 2 hrs. )
And we had fun. Shes so  crazy. She was crabby for most of the day cause we couldn't go outside, it was raining and freezing. Finally I gave in, And we ran out the front door screaming and then ran back in and that got her in a good mood.  Course the people across the street probably think I'm mental now..but who cares as long as the baby is happy?? She's starting to get more vocal now.  She said ''cold'' went we went outside, and she screams a lot. its funny...for like a solid two min. we sat there going "ahh!!" back and forth. It cracks me up.
She luuurrrvvvvss doing this. She hangs herself upside down and goes "ahhhhh" in the light baby voice. Its so freakin adorable.
anyways...I'm out. I'm gonna go walk the dog or something.
(oh & sorry brain, from here on out anytime a decide to mention THAT time of the month, I will put in big red letters, "Warning Brain, Do not Read Any Farther as I am about to talk about my period!!"....Does that work?? heehee


amy122389 said...

I bet Alaina licks all the ice cream.  ewwwwwwwww.  

not really.  LOL

love youuuuu!


brainwhispers said...

Yes, thank you. :o)

Nice socks!

fierrorachel said...

Those are probably the coolest socks I've ever seen!  I am jealous.  I like freaky socks.  I'm sad like that.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

You crack me up..I didn't know you were about to turn 18...boy how the time does fly...The way you are with that baby there just are filled with goodness!  Wishing you an awesome week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

abaleman666 said...

i love the name of your journal. . .i will have to use that the next time some asshole tries to sell me siding over the phone.  i usually just say, i am so sorry, i dont speak english and after a pregnant pause, tell them to have a nice day and hang up.

thank you for being a good random blog read for a sunday.  stop by the rant will see that being grown up isnt so radically different from being 18.   we just have to pay for more stuff.