Sunday, May 18, 2008

We are running low on midol, fear for your lives people!!
Thank you for all my support.
I felt like such a first boyfriend and I did a crappy job at picking him :-/
He called me a bunch of times after that entry, then got mad cause I didn't answer. So he sent me a very rude message. F this and F that and I'm not worth it and blah blah blah.
Well I must be worth something if its taken two weeks for you to quit calling.
Then He sent another starting with "slut sluty slut slut...there are some last words for you"
Yeah well Meanie McMean Mean, take those words!!!
I didn't bother writing back. He hasnt said anything to me in two days so hopefully he got the hint. And a very bad rash on what he was thinking with.
My grandparents are in town :)
They brought back pictures of me.
I look gooooood.
Nah just kidding. But they are pretty :) Most of you read my moms journal, so you can just go look on hers when she posts them.
I'm out. I'm gonna go find some music to listen to.


amy122389 said...

you get your humour from me and your rationality from your Lexapro.  haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaa.  I made a funny.

you looked amazing in those pictures, baby girl....

love you...


attitudeslc said...

You are quite beautiful, and you do get your great sense of humor from your Mom!


mumma4evr said...

you are an amazing girl ..never any doubt having amazing parents....and do not ever let any guy make you  feel like you need to "do" or show "affection" to him when you are not ready to....
you are strong!!!!

pchilcoat1 said...

I figured I'd better comment or the ducky gets it..Peace

rjet33 said...

C has had three serious boyfriends so far, two of which she is too good for.  They were assholes who didn't deserve her.  One really wants her back, but he has such excess baggage, I don't think it would ever work out.  I am beginning to wonder if there are any good ones left.  You are blessed to have the parents you have.


Mrs. S

brainwhispers said...

Happy Birthday to yooooo
I saw a cow go mooooo
It frowned and it shuddered
Then did a big pooooooooo
Happy 18th

rjet33 said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Ryan!~
Happy Birthday to you!~

Hope it is a great one!~

Love ya!~

Mrs. S

fierrorachel said...

happy happy birthday to you, to you
happy happy birthday to you, to you

And a happy birthday to you.

swmpgrly said...

Happy Birthday!!

chasenkids said...



frankandmary said...

Omg. You are 18.  & your Mom is pimping your journal :-). HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Just NEVER(ok, maybe in 10 years to a billionaire who is very amenable to your manipulations)get herded into matrimony.  ~Mary

rdautumnsage said...

18, Damn I miss 18...Nah I'm comfortable were I am in life. First rule of thumb we all make mistakes, we live up to them, we own them. It's part of being beautiful inside and out. You live and learn. I made far worse at your age. Now I have a soon to be 20 yr old reminding me why gray hair exist.

Truly, Madly Wish you all the world and more! Happy Birthday, welcome to your adulthood. Yeah your Mom's pimping your journal and sending all of us fruitloops your way (winks)...(Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

Heard it was your birthday.....  have a happy happy!