Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chickens and Cows can too dance!!

I go to my friend "Funky chickens and dancing cows!!!"
He says "ohhhh i want steak and chicken!!"
....That's as interesting as it gets.
I made baby shower invitations for Kristy, they needed help getting started so I offered to help with that.
And they came out freakin awesome. They look all professional!
Yes, I AM bragging.
I worked for 10 hrs straight on them, i got mad cause the bows wouldn't come out so I'd have to re-do it.
But the look on my aunts face when she saw them made that work totally worth it.
Then I downloaded a bunch of Princess songs for the baby shower, since its princess theme.
I got soooo sick of the love songs! I'm sure the Disney princesses had to get Angry every now and then, why didn't they ever sing about that?!?! And now I have some Pocahontas song stuck in my head.
Being stuck in this house is driving me insane.
Everyone always comes over here, which i love, but then it never gives me a chance to get out. Its really frustrating. And then when I say something I hear "wanna go to HEB?".
Sooooon I will have a job, a license, and then i wont want to go out cause the job makes me tired and gas is to much.
Isnt life wonderful?


stetsonsfyre said...

Luv the 'toon LOL  it's cute ~ I'm still trying to figure out the funky chicken and cow thingie... I'm glad the invitations you worked on turned out nicely :)  Like you mentioned your Aunt loved them!!  I'm sorry you are stuck at home... but heck, where we are in Texas there are only two kinds of grocery stores!!  Walmart and one other (locally owned)  I WISH I had a HEB here!!!! dang... same ol' same ol' stuff in the same ol' stores (sigh) I love grocery shopping.  Hugz*** Bright Blessings Sweetie, tell Mom hi for me...Teresa

attitudeslc said...

Take a picture of the invitation, I wanna see! :D  And.... Ariel got mad!  That's what "part of their world" is about.  Disney just makes "mad" sound sweet. LOL


brainwhispers said...

What is "HEB"?

rdautumnsage said...

I'm with Rosemary, would love to see the invitations. You have more patience than I ever would of listening to the princess songs. After so much cutesy I would of zoned out. (Hugs)Indigo