Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures & stuff

I finally have pictures :)
Did you look at the pictures?
Go look!!
So you wanna hear stupid?
Erick pulled the "lets just be friends" line on me.
Which I was totally fine with, I learned my lesson when i just jumped into a relationship, i did that last time and looked what happened. Lets NOT try it again. But then it got all awkward. We're still friends, and we still talk, but now I feel like I have to watch everything I do or say, I cant send him a random email saying something stupid cause I don't know how he'll take it. And its mostly me that feels that way, it isnt like he's doing anything, but still. ::sigh:: There goes another one. Doesn't that suck.
Krissy is due next month. I'm scared for her. She made me watch some stupid birthing video with her and now I am completely grossed out. And scared....she better take the drugs. She wants a natural birth and I think she is absolutely insane.
Who's heard that Katy Perry song? "I kissed a girl"
If you haven't, go listen.
And then when you're doing laundry and realize you are singing that stupid song, I will laugh at you.
I go to Six Flags with my cousins Andy, Diego, My dad & My brothers. Only I'm on my period, and brilliant me doesn't bring a spare pad.
Well, they made me go on a water ride. DAMN!
Then they wanted me to go to the water park. DOUBLE DAMN....
And of course I'm a go with the flow - non-party-pooper type person. Fine. So I have to go into this store and ask if they sell tampons, I'm completely relieved cause its a chick (at 6 flags there is a large amount of good looking guys working there)...but then she says no.
So i have to go to another store, and to my complete horror.....Its a guy, my age, and completely hot.
But, because I have a loving father, he sees my face and goes and asks if they sell them. And for some reason, the guy looks RIGHT AT ME.
Then he smiles. Kill me now?
That's when i turn around and leave.
Then my dad comes out practically waving the thing around. Wonderful.
I babysat Valencia today, We played dress up (who cares if shes barely two! She loves her tutu!!) and then I gave her a lollipop which was the funniest thing ever. Her mouth was all green.
I guess I'm done. I have nothing else to talk about Unless you wanna hear about killer cramps and idiot boys, which really, who wants that?


sharonna1955 said...

always fun hearing from you Ryan .have a good day.bless you Sue

stetsonsfyre said...

Hullo hon ~ love the pictures and I'm happy that you all had such a great time, it looks like you are all very happy to be with each other and in this day and age that is truly a blessing!!  and OMG can I relate to the period thingie LOL can we say jeez does that ever sound familiar??? except my "emergency" was at a church outing ughhhhhhhh.  As far as the ex? be glad he's your ex; you have the maturity to be able to be such to him, just be careful 'k? trust your gut and LISTEN to it, if it starts grumbling at you then run the opposite direction lol.  Hugz and Brightest of Blessings hon.  Tell your mom hi for me :)  Teresa

brainwhispers said...

Thanks, I really didnt read between the red sentences either!
Nice photos. Lots of noisy young people.
Grrrs at them for the noise!
Shhhhh be quiet :o)

amy122389 said...

Really?  You had to post pictures with me in there?  good grief - I look like I ate a watermelon whole.  :(

love you...


rdautumnsage said...

Yes, dammit I did look at the pictures and....everyone looks like they are having a blast. Tell your Mom I said she does NOT look like a watermelon. Your dads a good guy for asking for you, at least that was my first impression until he came out waving them for the world to see (winks). I do think you make a great babysitter. (Hugs)Indigo