Wednesday, July 30, 2008


People say that birth is a Miracle.
While this may be true...
it is a very very not pretty miracle.
So Thursday the 17, i get off of work, Have dinner with my dad, and head on over to Krissy's, shes having the baby the next day. And she wanted me there with her, so I spent the night.
Her due date was on the 16th, but baby girl didn't wanna come out, apparently She was waiting for her Grandmas birthday.
That night...we're laying there talking about stuff. Next thing you know
"oh...dude what if that was a contraction, that'd be funny cause its 12, so technically it's your moms birthday"
After 4 more "cramps" I had to make her go tell her mom. She didn't want to, she wanted to put make up on so she would look pretty when she had the baby.
"mom....happy birthday!! Will you take me to the hospital?"
so at one we show up at the hospital and they set her up.
It was me & Tia Vicky in the delivery room.
For most of the labor the drugs didn't even work on her! That's a long story of stupid doctors.
Me and Tia were a complete mess, Its scary seeing someone who you know is sooo strong, hurting so bad and theres absolutely nothing you can do.
Then skipping all the gross stuff, with me on one side and tia on the beeeeautiful Arazely came!!
9 freakin pounds!
Hee...told you she'd be fat.
After the baby was out it was still horrible for krissy. She tore REALLY bad...and again, stupid doctors didn't fix her up right. She ended up having an anxiety attack. After it all Krissy fell asleep before she was able to feed the baby...So guess what??
I got to give her her first meal :)
One of the coolest moments ever.
Krissy is feeling ok, she still hurts more than she'll let on but shes strong.
Shes got no Idea how proud everyone is of her, me especially.
And the baby, shes absolutely gorgeous. And really funny. I don't think anyone can get enough of her. So far I've done everthing but change her Diaper. I'm scared to do that lol. Shes soft, and smells like baby, shes got tons of hair!! Shes perfect :)


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rdautumnsage said...

That was wicked cool that you were the one to give her, her first meal. I have an idea you'll be doing diaper duty right along with everyone else soon *winks*...I think Krissy is a strong individual and so are you for being there through it all for her. (Hugs)Indigo

stetsonsfyre said...

Congrats honey!  She is absolutely beautiful in the way all babies are :)  looks like you did great feeding her the first meal lol.  I know everyone is proud to dickens of her :)  you should be way proud of yourself too!  Hugz and Blessings* Teresa

astaryth said...

What a cutie! Congrats to Mommy (and Grandmommy and you and...)

attitudeslc said...

Thanks for sharing the story.  The baby is beautiful and you look very happy with your new cousin!


brainwhispers said...

First meal and you gave her a bottle of something.
I think a nice cheese sandwich and a cup of tea would have been better.

Congrats to all involved.