Monday, May 25, 2009

I miss him.

I hadn't planned on writing about him here. I didn't wanna be sad every time i came to my journal but I think he deserves it. He was my first baby. I have my cat Cha-Cha and my dog Gordo...But mom takes care of them. Sparky was the first pet that was all mine, my responsibility. And I failed horribly. Its silly to go on and say ''well we had good times, and thats what matters'' cause that really doesn't help the fact that he died. It sucks. He was always happy to see me. He'd walk to the front of the cage when he saw i was there and just wait for me to pick him up. I miss that.

I plan on getting another turtle, because as completely psycho as it sounds, It gave me some sort of importance, to have him depend on me. But it wont be for a little while.

I buried him in a box that held one of my biggest dreams, right by moms rose bushes.
Now he gets to eat all the grapes and strawberries he wants with no fear of constipation. That's heaven for him.

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