Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I lost ANOTHER one.

Stupid Idiotic Party boys.
I'm over it.

I cried for a day and decided it wasn't really worth it..It was only a month, Not like we had history or anything. AND he did it over the phone.

And so the search begins...
Not really, I don't want a boyfriend anymore.
Me and Kristy made this list, when i was feeling a little shity, and I'm going to post it here. So When i feel like whining again I can read it and go 'ooohhhh yeah'

The Pros

-He's forced to listen to you talk about stupid shit like how your foot itches because if he doesn't you can throw a huge fit.
-He buys you things...unless hes broke or cheap in which case this one doesn't apply
-He calls you baby
- Attention


-He acts different around his friends.
-He's broke or cheap.
-He's lazy.
-You cant smile at the cute boy at HEB.
-You have to tell them what you're doing all the time.
-He forgets to text.
-He rarely call when they say they will.
-You have to worry about sharing time with your family AND your boyfriend.
-You have to laugh at jokes that really aren't that funny.

Until I can find a guy who doesn't do any of those things, I refuse to be in a relationship. I'm young and I have plenty of time to waste. That's probably not true. Give me two months.

Mothers day went pretty ok...Since the moms couldn't work and I was the only cousin with no life, and men are completely incapable, I pretty much got put in charge. I made beans, rice, potato salad, and corn and dad made the meat. Everything came out good too :) I bought mom some outfits and a movie. I bought my aunt a necklace and my abuelita a purse, and Kristy, since it was her first mothers day, I went big and got her a six flags pass, to which she went 'yes! god i love being a mom!'

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