Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey babes.


I'm bored.

Lupe...My car, my baby, my life, my love, my escape...Is very very sick.
Shes getting horrible fevers (over heating. though that was my fault)
And her eye sight is horrible. In fact she needs eye surgery, as my dad was driving on the freeway and her eye fell out. It was quite tragic. Please pray for her, She needs good wishes.

On other, less solemn news, I bought myself the most kick ass disney princess coloring/sticker book.
It gives me hope that someday I'll meet my man,while wearing an ugly poofy dress while singing to the birds and scrubbing the floor.
It could happen.

This picture makes me happy. Shes so silly. She makes my day. We went to dinner together and I told her i loved her and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. The sweetest two year old ever.

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Amy said...

erm. that picture kind of makes Baby V look deranged. LOL Well, moreso than usual, anyway.

poor Lupe and her jacked up eye.