Friday, March 13, 2009

I gots me a new crush.
Yeah baby.
I got my drivers license!!! Do the happy dance with me!!
Lots has been going on, my little brothers best friend moved away, his dad is in the military. I know that situation all to well, never having a best friend around for more than two years, I was a military brat. Adrian came into my room trying not to cry and then just sat there while I hugged him still trying not to cry. I was a little sad too. He was a sweet kid, equally as nerdy as adrian.
So to cheer him up, i told him we'd have a sleep over, with a shit load of candy and junk food, and we'd watch a movie. He wasn't that thrilled.
But then he saw me come home with a 6 pack of canned coke (his favorite) and a bunch of other stuff that really isn't healthy, and he got excited. It was cute. We made a deal to have a movie night once a month. Alex even got into it and watched the movie with us...which is a rare occasion. He'd prefer to be doing his own thing most of the time.
Its spring break for kristy so she spent three nights over here, her mom was painting and there was no where for them to sleep. It was fun having them over, i missed it. We watched high school musical 3 (I sooo didn't pick that one.) and nick and norahs infinite playlist. I took her to get her drivers license and she passed!!!It was sweet cause when i dropped her off back home she gave me an extra kiss and said thank you, sincere moments like that are rare for her. So it made me feel good.
Yesterday i had to go over and pick up the steam cleaner (stupid dog...) and she wasn't there, so i called and she was all ''yeah i'll be there soon, don't mess with my panties!!" so of course i went into her room and hung up a bunch of panties on her ceiling fan. Then left before she got there. And i guess her boyfriend had gone in there to put the baby in her crib, but he didn't notice..Kristy was all "I saw them and i was thinking omg please dont look up"

& a picture of Zely. Cause she's cute.

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Amy said...

Zely has soap in her belly button. Haaaa....