Saturday, March 13, 2010


I had a complete blog worthy moment.

I haven't felt too important this past week or two.

Just upset in general. Drama with some of my family that just makes me sad. And the realization that I'm nearly 20 and I haven't accomplished anything very big with my life. I'm a babysitter. Who lives at home. My best friend is my mom and a 3 and 1 & a half year old. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you know... You cant tell your mom about your sex life (or lack thereof) because thats just a little awkward, no matter who you are.

So anyways. The point of this blog. Is this little girl...

Today, we had a family party. I'm terrible at hiding my emotions. All it takes is one person, to say one wrong thing, And I have my angry face on. And it doesn't even have to be on that day. It could have been a week ago. And not even directed at me. Its not healthy. And I need to find a better way to deal.
So I'm standing there, with my angry face.
And Zely sees me, out of the many people around. And she runs up to me, and reaches up for me to pick her up. So I do, and she kicks her legs all excited, and she hugs me. And then her little face looks up into mine, and she says to me
and she kisses my arm. And she wiggles out of my arms, and runs to the living room screaming "go!" at the dog.
And in that moment, everything was better. And I had one of those moments where you are just so happy that you know life isn't all that terrible, and it could be worse. I could be homeless or something.

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D said...

Honey, I'm 30 I still live at home. If someone had told me my life would be heading back to college at 25,breaking up with an 18 year old,and living with my parents I'd have punched them in the neck or stabbed'em with an f'n pencil. That said I don't know that I could have changed anthing so I take on the approach of embracing what I have. Count your blessing. Your mom is the best and the 3 year old? She's adorable.