Friday, February 4, 2005

Today i got on-line and looked at my journal, and was saw that i had comments!! cool!!! That made my day lol.    


Anyway last night i watched that show Made on MTV .....It was the one where the guy wanted to take up Ballet Dancing.... It was kinda funny. Not that fact that he wanted to take ballet cause you can always use the excuse that it will help you to do better in sports (he was a jock), but the whole him wearing tights. His ballet teachers were kinda harsh though, it made you want to give him a hug or something lol. Also on MTV has anyone seen that show 'My Super Sweet 16' ? There was one episode where the girl started CRYING because she didn't get a car the day that's she wanted it....i couldn't help but laugh. And then her mom canceled her credit card.... that was funny. Then there was another episode where this girl isnt really the 'cool' kid in for her sweet 16 she has this huge party and invites all the cool kids but she doesn't invite some of her friends? And on top of that she ALREADY has a boyfriend but she is flirting with all the guys...IN FRONT of her boyfriend? I often wonder what are these people thinking!!!??? I'll tell you what they aren't thinking, they aren't thinking about the fact they how they act gonna come back to bite em' in the rear later....    


 It was cold outside today!!!! I love the cold. It always seems so much cleaner outside when its cold.    

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amy122389 said... favorite part was when she didnt get the vehicle.  Is is bad to laugh?  Oh well... ::giggle::