Thursday, February 3, 2005

Today is my dads 34th birthday!! My mom had made a journal entry about him and put his picture... and well apparently my father is a 'hottie'. I dont think i will ever come to terms with that fact that people are still checking out my parents. Not that's they are old or anything and they are a pretty cute couple, but THEY ARE MY PARENTS!!!!! I remember one time in school (mom im about to bring up Keith so you may want to stop reading, mom is still grossed out by this lol...) i had brought a picture of my mom to school to show one of my teachers. Well everyone else in my class wanted to see (i was in a class with all boys ) so i let them, and my friend Keith looks at the picture and his eye-brows go up, and he say ''is that your sister'' and i already knew where THAT was going, so i say 'DUDE!!!! THATS MY MOM!!!!!" and he is all 'oh uh...he Willie did you see Ryans mom?'  Or another time (same school) When my dad came to pick me up from school, and these 2 older girls, WHISTLED at him! So you'd think i would be used to it by now? Nope, but i guess it is better the being called your dads girl friend (yeah i need therapy now, my parents LOVE to tease me about it, one time me and my dad went to the store to pick up some food there was a long line and dad had forgetten something so this older guy next to us says 'why dont you have your girl friend stand in line while you go get it." Yes, im not kidding, he actually said this. Im not sure if the look of horror was obvious or not, but i was traumatized.  If this was some type of joke, it WASN'T funny! Yeah mom laugh all you So anyway that is why i put up those pictures of my parents.    


The first is of my mom when she was 18 in high school  


The second is of my dad, the was last year of the year before when he went to Germany for his UTA.  


Then there is my mom and dad at thier graduation party (its the only one i could find of my dad in high school)  


And the 4th is the one that i had brought to school....      


The past few days have been pretty good. I havent felt to wonderful but  I spent most of my time sitting on the couch reading books while listening to Sugarcult (my new obsession is the band sugarcult.). The books were good....i have re-read each one about 3 different times now. I was so desperate for something to read i actually tried to read this book i got a long time ago, The Life of Elizabeth the 1st, key word being TRIED. I have made 3 attempts to read this book, but i can never get passed page 40. I guess its way above my reading level or whatever, all i know is that when i  DO try to read it, i have to have TWO dictionaries with me, this is because a lot of the words i have no clue what they mean, so i have to look up those words but the definition has a bunch more words i don't know the meaning of so then i have to look up THOSE words but then the definition doesn't even make sense so i get frustrated and stop reading it. I think im just gonna go to the book used store and trade it in or something. So anyway once i gave up on that book i started reading some books from The Mediator series that are from Jenny Carroll (well actually i think they just changed authors name  to Meg Cabot. Which is what her real name is but she used to write under the name Jenny Carroll. Yea anyway...). I LOVE those books. They are pretty funny. I finished all of those books though (well so far i only have 3 from the series) and now im gonna move on to all my Princess Diaries books. Which i have also re-read about 3 times each. I said i was desperate hee hee. That's ok though because those books are the type of books that you can re-read ten times and still laugh.  


Anyway, i've got more to talk about but i better go, i still have to proof read this and find a graphic and its already 9 at night.                                           




amy122389 said...

::muffled giggle::  No, really....I'm not laughing.  :-l  <smirk>

rswa542185 said...

  When I was in 8th grade, I was talking to this high school senior girl by my house and my dad was working in the yard. She told me she thought my dad was hot. She asked me if he was maried. I actually thought it was cool at the time. What really freaked me out was when my girlfriend told me something about my dads sex appeal. yuk!

shdwpuppet425 said...

tis a good thing ur parents are hot. ull be hot wen ur older to that means ur still hot now to tho