Monday, July 17, 2006

Hi. How are you?

They have bunnies in the circus?...hmmm....Maybe I SHOULD train them instead.... I mean...not I....Mary...


My friend Matt sent me thing i'm assuming he got off a web site (cause it says so.)...along with his own little made me laugh..

"but shes not up till noon"


anyways I dont really have anything to write about, but i'm bored, yes yes, what else is new?

here's some jokes i found funny...

An American stood in London looking at a large building. A British boy walked by and stood beside the American.

"You know, boy," said the American, "in the States we have that kind of building too, but they are four times higher."

"Really?" replied the boy. "How sad. That is a mental hospital."



A seven year old boy goes to the hospital with his grandmother to visit his grandfather.

When they arrive, Johnny runs ahead of his granny, and bursts into his grandfather's room.

"Grandpa", the boy says, "As soon as Grandma comes into the room, make the sounds of a frog,"

"What for?" asked his Grandpa.

"Grandma said that as soon as you croak, we're going to Disney World"


doclove64 said...

Hello!! I am sorry that you're bored. It's no fun being bored. Nice jokes. I liked them a lot. Have a good night. Take Care!!

shdwpuppet425 said...

yep got em off net want more? i got "matt, since 1846"(im old)

amy122389 said...

'but she's not up til noon.'  ::gigglechoke::  Matt knows you too well....LOL


butterflies4me04 said...

Being bored stinks majorly! I enjoyed your jokes, they were really funny, thanks for sharing! :)


tcast33 said...

Hi careful of what you're complaining about, you might get a list of chores.  Have you ever seen the TV show called "Dirty Jobs"? Your Mom might have some dirty jobs for you.
Aunt Terri

brainwhispers said...

of course they have bunnies in the circus!
What were you expecting, elephants, tigers and such like.
Well maybe in America, the land of fancy shmancy circuses, but here in england we have bunnies, frogs, hedghogs and badgers in them.
Have you ever seen a badger on a trapeze or bunny rabbit tightrope artistes?
No, you havent have you.
Thats because our circus is special. so there!