Monday, June 4, 2007


::hangs head in shame::

I'm a few days late in my birthday entry, I know.
But it was fun!!
We wanted to do a party, But we are still stuck at Nana's house, So we're just gonna wait till we have a house to do the actual party. But my cousin's (Jenn & Krissy) took me out to Lunch (Jenn wanted to take me somewhere really nice...I wanted Jack In The Box...She went "I did not drive a half hour to take you to Jack In The Box!" So we settled on Denny's lol.) And then we went to the mall.
And on my 17th birthday.
I got...
My very first number.
We had gotten out of the car...and at the same time, right across from us, 3 guys get out. One was niiiiice to look at..the other was pretty alright, and the last was ''eh''. 
(They said I could have the nice one since it WAS my birthday)...Anyways we went our way & shopped, And when we came back (which by the way, we lost the car and walked around for about 5 minutes trying to find it heehee) there was a note saying something like "the three of yall and the three of us get together tonight and party" with the number. I couldn't stop laughing. Me and Krissy were gonna call but decided not to.
And then dad took me (and the family) to Jack In The Box for dinner...I was serious about those tacos, damn it. lol
And that was that.
I feel like a 17 year old. It's cool!!
I get to DRIVE this year. Yessssss!!!!


amy122389 said...

You wanna learn to drive in the new tricked out ride Daddy doesn't know he's buying me?  :-D

love you...


brainwhispers said...

17 was so long ago I cant even remember what it felt like.
I think i went to the pub, probably why i cant remember much about it.
In fact 17 -25 is a blurr