Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pictures. Lots of em.

I'm listening to Ashlee Simpson.
I have hit an all time low.
And I'm BORED.
Carrie said she saw my twin in some other state. Which is totally cool. Cause I'm A Gemini, and we're supposed to have twins.
Heres a bunch of pictures.
We went to Madina Lake & Then San Pedro park for Easter (Not in the same day of course)
Both were lots of fun, They had me playing Ultimate Frisbee. I know, wth? It took forever for me to even get it lol.


amy122389 said...

I thought Aquarius had a twin?  Derr?  WTH do I know....LOL

Haaaa "that's how she rolls..."

love you!!!


brainwhispers said...

Awww the lady in number 10 :O)
She has wind!