Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Update!!

Yay!!! Pictures!!!!
Ms. Kristy.
Shes like 5  months pregnant.
That baby is gonna be huge.
I'm the godmother :)
I call her (the baby) Chanchita. What this means we are not sure. But if you've seen Nacho Libre you'd probably get it :)
Here's the normal pretty picture...
Then because I'm a dork.....
"SEXY POSE!!!!!"
And this is what I get heehee...
Who wouldn't wanna be that baby's daddy!?
My beautiful baby cousin, Ms. V
We got her a kiddy pool and I demanded we get the little mermaid swimsuit to go with it.
Can you stand the cuteness. Bet you cant.

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swmpgrly said...

she is a very beautiful mama !