Sunday, April 20, 2008

Love <3

Whats new with me....
I have a boyfriend! Yay me!
I went to the doctors again, and the evil doctor denied me my drugs, she feels I have other issues. No duh lady, Since I was like ten. That's why I'm here.
I may possibly go to Mexico next Sunday. MMMM tacos!!!!!!!
That's really it.
I'm in love....
with these shoes (sorry boyfriend). Should anyone feel the need to buy them for me, I'm a size 8 in Womens. Well normally its a 7 1/2 but since its converse and the sizes are all weird I get an 8.


amy122389 said...

that doctor was an ignoramus.  good grief.

shoes vs. boyfriend.  brutal.  lol

love you...


rjet33 said...

Carrie wants those same shoes, lol.  She is in S.C. for nine days visiting her BFF.  ::sniff::  I'm soooooooooooooo lonesome.  Well...............except for Brandon calling me at midnite last nite asking me to come get him.  He sounded awful.  I think he had a bad touch of food poisioning.  I was up all nite taking care of him in between his runs to the bathroom, poor baby.  He slept in Carrie's bed.  He's still pretty weak today.  Congrats on graduating.


Mrs. S