Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm so freakin tired. I'm a zombie.
Everyone feels the need to point out the fact that I look like crap...Thanks guys.

My panic attacks are more frequent. I found out I was making myself sick. For a while life was pretty stress, good sleep and I was great. But then this past few weeks I've been having trouble with my boyfriend. Works been stressful (curse you people who shop on black Friday!) And I've felt really alone. I know I have people here for me....But I'm still missing a huge piece. It hurts :-/
Needless to say..My stomach problems came back and I've been feeling really emotionally and physically exhausted.
I'm just all sorts of medical problems.
So young too. ::sigh::

Buuuut. I'm trying to be happy, and ignore my problems.
I went to Mexico. I ate my weight in tacos like usual, There was one moment when all the grown-ups (myself included finally. heck yes, bye-bye kiddies!! haha) were sitting at the table eating tacos from the place down the street, I have taken my last perfect bite, and everyone was smiling and happy..I think that was one of the most truly happiest moments of my life since I was 10. Its more special knowing that its only mine. I don't have to share.
I brought back lots of goodies for krissy, Who was home sick for Mexico herself.
Can you believe that for once I was actually legal, Like completely legal, and no one would let me drink! What the hell man! Its all good. I came home and had my share :)

Arazely is beautiful and growing. 16 pounds and 4 months. Smiling and such a personality. She's going to have an attitude when she's older..She'll be one of those kids who know she's pretty and can get what she wants cause she's so freakin cute. The worst kind, i know. But I know she'll appreciate all that she gets. In my eyes her and Krissy deserve the world so there is no limit...Maybe that's a bad thing but It makes me happy to spoil them. I get it from my mom. And Dad too. She got her ears pierced!! She looks sooo pretty with her little gold studs.

Work is fun when I don't have to work with the idiot. I have a few good friends there, people I'd actually keep in touch with if/when I leave. I still want the book store but I don't think I'm smart enough. My feet are killing me though and they've given me a shit load more hours...Cause its the holidays. I want the money but I don't wanna work for it...That's what hard work teaches you!

Annnnnyway. I'm sure you don't wanna read anymore. And I should probably go to bed..Gots work early tomorrow. Ugh.

Oh. And just cause she deserves to be mentioned in the greatness that is my journal I wanted to tell Carrie Thank You. She's been helping me a little while I have my mental break downs.

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Amy said...

I'm so happy you had one of those 'moments of perfection'. Cherish it....they're few and far between.
ILY muchly.