Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heartbreak, Anger, Revenge (Which I'm still Planning)

So. Me and The Jackass broke up.
Ask me why Me and The Jackass broke up.
Well, since you asked...
He was a bit of a druggie. He'd get high and call me at three in the morning. Which I would be like  "whatever" to...Its his choice to do that crap, as long as he didn't pressure me into it, or do it around me I didn't care.
Well...about a month ago he started getting pretty rude when he would get high. To which I raised my eyebrows and told him I was going to bed, call me tomorrow.
About one week ago, The Jackass gets drunk, calls me, and says to me "You know, you're a crappy girlfriend."
So of course I say what the hell and ask why.
He says to me "You dont DO anything for me, things a girlfriend should do. Show affection and stuff, maybe if you did I'd treat you nicer."
By the words "do" and "affection" he means, I'm not giving anything up, yes those things, and apparently this is what a girlfriend should do.
Yeah. I dont think so. He says we are more friends than anything else. I'm sorry, but I dont go around kissing my friends.
So then I brake up with him, and the next day he calls me back, and tells me he loves me and crap and he wants me back... he was drunk when he said all this....as he is drinking some more,  he goes on I guess getting a little more drunk as hes going, and suddenly it turns around and he tells me he never really loved me (which hit me kind of hard. I didn't expect him to be IN LOVE with me...But you know..at least love me) and that he was going to break up with me various times, and that he just wants me to know that he has two other girls on hold, so i should feel important because I have first pick. At this point I'm thinking "You're and Idiot."
Really. WHAT boy says that?!?!?!
That's just the short story...he then went on to disrespect my father, my cousin, me even more.
We haven't talked for three days.
Today was the first day that I wasn't depressed, heartbroken, I didn't even think of him that much. It felt wonderful.
I still miss him, But I miss who he was before all this crap. When he doesn't drink or smoke. Not how I left him.
But I'll be ok :)
He was short anyways.
Right now I've just been keeping myself busy, Hanging out with my parents who have helped me out a lot, I'm lucky that way, I dont know anyone else who has parents like that. Whenever I miss him really bad I call Krissy. She tells me he was a jerk and I didnt deserve the treatment I got. Then threatens to hurt me if I call him...Which I believe she would, You don't mess with Krissy :-p
From now on, we shall call him, The...


topazscorpio27 said...

You know I should've taken your approach with my ex.  The one thing I regret is that I did,"give it up" before I was ready and it's nothing to brag about. I felt degraded, cheap and very dumb. As far as the drugs and drinking go just avoid that like the plague.  People can get stupid when they drink and to be perfectly honest sleeping with a drunk person, while they are drunk is dumb.  It's like equal to fighting a land war in Asia.  Not bright!  Be proud you dumped his dumb ass before he could truly drag you down!  -Dawn-

amy122389 said...

I am TOTALLY okay with you being a crappy girlfriend.


(remember - karma karma karma)


frankandmary said...

Active revenge is exhausting.  He isn't worth the effort & time.  The best passive revenge is he won't have you, someone so much better than him anyway.  He's desperately trying to be someone else, & you are perfect as you are. ~Mary

brainwhispers said...

You should have known he wasnt going to be a good boyfriend by his name.
I mean what sort of person can he possibly be if his name is "The Jackass"?
Also avoid boys named "William Wife-beater" "Alvin Cheating-B*stard"..."Mike Lard-Bucket"..."Jenny" and when you are older.... "Peter Tiny-penis"

swmpgrly said...

If the ass fits wear it...He is an Ass.
He is lucky your mama didnt turn it inside out for him.
You go girl!
Yes your mama sent me.

stetsonsfyre said...

::pointing down to everyone else and what they said::: uh huh, I'm with them!!   You hold your beautiful head up HIGH girl!!!! Don't give the fool the satisfaction of disproportionate revenge, he's not worth it.  Maintain your self worth, your pride,  your dignity and realize you got away damned lucky ~ the outcome could have been far different (and I don't mean that in a good way<about head jackass that is> )  oh, and yes <grin>  your Mom sent me!  heh heh heh...Bright Blessings Hon, and being a woman is a wonderful thing!!!  Your Mom would tell ya that, I know.  Hugz** Teresa

rdautumnsage said...

Came by way of your Mom...Trust me I've had more than enough issues with guys that acted like the "Jackass". You have a good head on your shoulders and I'm not surprised your finished with him. Life has way too much to offer for small minded individuals like him. Stay strong, stay loved. Your right you have a couple of great parents. (Hugs) Indigo

fierrorachel said...

"He was short anyways."  ROFLMBO!  Too funny.  Rock on, sista.

mleighin21st said...

Hi Ryan,  I came to visit by way of your Mom.  You've got some smart advice here already so I'm not going to repeat it again.  Just think, when Mister so much more worthy of you comes along, you'll be free as a bird and alittle smarter.  Not such a bad deal.
                                                           Smiles,  Leigh


p.s. nice lookin' journal!

mosie1944 said...

You are wise beyond your years.